Medisoft Coding – We Discuss About E-Codes Term in Medical Coding Training

Medical Coding Training Certification
Medical Coding Training Certification

E-Code plays a critical role in the medical coding world. Coding originally was set for statistics. With the help of statistics, one can come to know how many people have a certain type of cancer/accident cases in a specific area at given point of time. In next step would like to discuss car accidents. Codes are assigned on the basis of circumstances at the time injury took place. Specific E-Code is used for injured person met with a car accident case. There are some E-Codes are predefined specifically for car accidents.

Now, the user can even break it down with E-Codes and fine tune them a little bit more. The nature of injury can define the possible extent. Take a case of an auto accident, the person was a driver and they hit the guard rail or in other case auto accident, driver and they hit a head-on collision. From guidelines perspective we have to work out what type of injuries that the person is having at given point of view, hitting a guard rail versus hitting a head on collision with another vehicle. In this case head on collision is going to have more extensive damages.

The actual section is supplementary classifications of external causes of injury and poisonings. The same go from E000 to E999. For the layman, we are going to be able to describe events and circumstances that cause an injury. E-Codes describe the circumstances around the injury, and not the nature of injury so keep that in mind.

Assigning a wrong code may be enormously costly, time-consuming, and ineffective for patients. In addition, it is a threat to patient safety and quality. Same can unnecessarily increase expense, research, physician and hospital visits at the same time energy wastage.

Medisoft is one of the undisputed leading institutions in Delhi/NCR same offers comprehensive medical coding training course at an affordable cost. They help in providing end to end professional level medical coding training. Medical coding considered to be skill-based professions. Medisoft is running medical coding training center since 2006. Medisoft is running the training session in both online and classroom teaching mode and end of the course they also provide certification as well.

Medisoft offers efficient and effective training and follows the International Coding Ethics and standards. They also give emphasis on HIPAA compliance. Medisoft also provides comprehensive ICD-10 training same is being provided by AAPC and AHIMA approved ICD-10trainer. They also provide ICD-9 to ICD-10 migration support.

Please feel free to contact us on number 090153 31465 or email us on You can also reach to us by clicking website address and for same address is

 One can reach to our office address same is Medisoft Info services, Plot No- 344, First Floor, Next to Sarvodaya, Hospital, Main Market, Sector 4, Vaishali, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201010.


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Medisoft provides comprehensive Medical Coding and Medical Billing Training at an affordable cost, located in Delhi, NCR. The training curriculum includes both classroom training as well as exposure to live medical coding. We started Medical Coding Training since 2007 having an overall experience of around 10 years. We are committed not only to produce Medical Coders; but also we have produced a maximum number of Leaders in Medical Coding industry who are currently handling Medical Coding supervisory roles in their respective organizations in India and abroad. To know more our certification details visit our website

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