Medisoft Coding – Discuss About ICD-10 vs. ICD-9

Medical coding is the fastest expanding filed and offers a career to look forward to for well-trained coding career aspirants. With the recent change in coding world i.e. from ICD-9 to ICD-10, this is a right time to begin a career in medical coding. US healthcare is poised to cover more people than ever before. With increasing in the job growth, medical coding is expected to see robust growth in the forthcoming years.

Where ICD-9 consists of around 13,000 codes, ICD-10 has 68,000 codes to choose from almost 19 times as many procedure codes. It really matters, and ICD-10 is much comprehensive one. The new codes are alphanumeric, where the old ones were just representing the numeric, allowing for much greater specificity.

The terminology of ICD-10 has been updated to reflect current practice. For example, the definition of acute myocardial infarction covers the same for now four weeks rather than eight weeks. ICD-10 has codes of combination, making it possible to code multiple diagnoses in one code. Almost everything has changed in medical line during the almost 40-year tenure of ICD-9. Now if we refer the same (i.e. ICD-9), don’t have there is any room left in the old code set for new technologies or diagnoses. As technologies are changing at the same time new procedures are coming into the picture at the same time ICD-10 has updated accordingly. This change alone may be worth the trouble of implementation. Payers would not have to question if, say, he/she give an injection in the knee that just had knee replacement surgery.

Medical coding is the process of converting diagnosis into alphanumerical codes. Medical coding is done to make sure correct billing done to patient and to avoid any kind of fraud such as overcharging. It is not mandatory that medical coding students should be from the medical background; however, even a non-medical student is eligible to go for medical coding profession.

Medical Coding Training in Delhi

Medisoft is one of the undisputed leading institutions in Delhi/NCR same offers comprehensive medical coding training course at an affordable cost. Medisoft offers right training for both medical and non-medical students and helps all students for preparation of certificate exam. They help in providing end to end professional level medical coding training. Medical coding considered tobe skill-based professions.

Medisoft offers efficient and effective training and follows the International Coding Ethics and standards. They also give emphasis on HIPAA compliance. Medisoft also provides comprehensive ICD-10 training same is being provided by AAPC and AHIMA approved ICD-10trainer. They also provide ICD-9 to ICD-10 migration support.

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